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The Increase Of Sex Industry In Mexico

Prostitution In Mexico.

 sex toys Malaysia

Prostitution is allowed in Mexico, according to federal law. Each of the 31 states has its own laws and regulations regarding prostitution. Prostitution is legal and regulated in thirteen Mexican states. Prostitution involving kids under the age of 18 is prohibited. In several Mexican cities, “tolerance zones” have been established, which permit controlled prostitution and serve as red-light districts. At the Zona Galáctica in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital of the state of Chiapas, there is a state-run brothel. Pimping is prohibited in most regions of the nation, although pimp-worker connections nevertheless exist, perhaps under female pimps known as “madrotas.” Former prostitutes are housed by the government.

 sex toys Malaysia

The renowned red-light district of Tijuana, Mexico, known as Zona Norte, is located just a few miles from the US-Mexico border. The area’s main street, Calle Coahuila, is generally seething with hectic activity surrounded by neon lights. Women dressed in short skirts and the tallest heels lure groups of men to spend time and money with them around the pavements. Massive strip clubs, some of which include hotels, serve as de facto brothels. Many cater particularly to the hundreds of Americans who cross the border from California each month in search of a type of entertainment that is illegal in the United States, except for a few Nevada areas where prostitution is authorized.

Despite The Pandemic, The Demand For Sex Is High.

 sex toys Malaysia

Mexico’s economy was shut down in late March by the government. Non-essential companies were compelled to close, including those in Baja California’s main city, Tijuana. All strip clubs, pubs, sex motels, and even sex workers on the pavements were compelled to lock their doors, imposing limitations that are still in effect today. Non-essential travel over the land border between the United States and Mexico was also prohibited. All of this was done in the hopes of reducing the virus’ spread. But it was evident that, while the sex business isn’t as burgeoning as it was pre-pandemic, there’s still plenty of sex going on behind the scenes.

The government has registered about 8,000 workers, but there are undoubtedly hundreds, if not thousands, more who aren’t. Many people have left town or ceased working, according to local state police, while some have stayed because they can meet the need that still exists. Although the border is officially closed to non-essential travel, there are exclusions for dual citizens, and only a few cars are halted by Mexican officials for inspections. As a result, making the short trip is rather simple. And some Americans continue to come here for sex.

The Sex Toys Industry Is Also Booming.

 sex toys Malaysia

Even in the midst of the latest coronavirus outbreak, sex sells. Although health officials issued social distancing advice, Erotika (external link), Mexico’s top chain of sex and erotic businesses, reported a 280 per cent rise in sales through internet platforms. The company’s more than 50 locations are still closed to the public, but it sells its items on its website to fulfil the demand of its customers, who are 70% women and 30% males. To compensate for social distancing measures, orders are then delivered door to door via delivery applications.

Individuals searching for sexual experiences in Mexico, like in other countries, frequently utilize apps like Tinder or Bumble, although distancing tactics have resulted in the closing of public locations such as bars, shopping malls, gyms, and other places. According to the organization, some customers may have chosen to try sex toys due to their “fear” of going out. Although it is impossible to identify who the end consumers of the items are with clarity, they believe that not only single individuals but also couples, purchase at Erotika.

 sex toys Malaysia

Despite the fact that its digital sales have tripled, the business is in financial trouble, as are many others which were not vital and had to close. Erotika has been hit severely by the closure of 56 physical shops, as it needs to pay rent on several of its locations in addition to its workers’ salaries. Many individuals avoid visiting Erotika businesses because of shame or stigma, but when ordering online and receiving delivery through firms like Rappi, Cornershop, Amazon, and Linio, moral judgements are removed from the mix. This is why there are also many sex toys in Malaysia as well as other parts of the world that provide the service of selling their products through the internet. 

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