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Teenage Pregnancy in Mexico: Can We Stop Them From Happening?

Mexico has the highest adolescent birth rate among all OECD member nations, with 62 out of every 1,000 pregnancies happening in females and adolescents. While the rate fell by 8% between 2000 and 2006, it increased by nearly 15% between 2007 and 2012. While you are here, you might want to buy pillow support for breastfeeding mothers Malaysia before you continue reading. We will be looking at the important factors that contribute to this topic and the effects of pregnancy on female teenagers in Mexico. 

What Are The Factors?

These factors are the common factors of teenage pregnancy not only in Mexico but worldwide. Most teenagers would encounter at least one of these problems, leading them to bear the consequences themselves. In 2017, two out of every ten mothers in Mexico gave birth to a child under the age of 20.6 out of 10 of those conceived around the age of 14 as a result of either sexual violence or a lack of access to contraceptives.

  • Family Factor
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A single mother leads one-quarter of all Mexican households. It can be as high as 35 per cent in major cities like Mexico City. There are a number of factors why a single parent is raising a child on their own without the presence of a partner. It’s possible they were formerly involved in a relationship that has ended. Other parents may choose to raise their children as single parents, or a partner may have died. It is such a crucial issue that should not be taken lightly as this is one of the contributing factors to teenage pregnancy. Some children might not have a good relationship with their parents, hence why they lack communication. This might result in social problems such as tobacco and drug usage, alcohol addiction and sexual activity, in which is the main cause of teenage pregnancy. 

  • Early Sexual Activity

This factor might be overlooked by most people, especially parents. If a teenager starts to experience sexual activity at such young age, she might not fully understand the consequences awaiting her. This would happen to a teenager if she was exposed too early to pornography. Since we are living in the 21st century, everything is within our reach. Teenagers especially are normally curious. They might have seen a scene on the television and decided to recreate the scene. Usually, this happens due to a lack of parents monitoring or absent parents. 

  • Lack Of Education and Poverty
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Parental income and the level of a girl’s education are other important factors. Girls without high or enough education are five times more likely to become mothers than those with higher and better education. Pregnant girls would frequently quit their studies which would cause career chances and be stuck in the same poverty cycle. Pregnancy is often seen as a better option for girls than pursuing their education. According to Coneval’s official poverty measurement in Mexico, 55.7 million people lived in poverty in 2020, accounting for 43.9 per cent of the entire population, with 10.8 million, 8.5% of them living in extreme poverty. This is why some of them are willing to keep the baby.

The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy itself has many consequences and they have to be faced by both mother and child. It is even worse for teenagers who conceived a baby at such a young age, where complications might occur during the whole pregnancy journey or when they deliver the baby. There are a few alarming effects that should not be taken lightly. The effects of teenage pregnancy include: 

  • Health Issues
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Teenage moms and their newborns suffer serious health repercussions as a result of early pregnancies. Pregnancy and childbirth problems are the greatest cause of mortality among girls aged 15 to 19, with low- and middle-income countries responsible for 99 per cent of global maternal fatalities among women aged 15 to 49. In addition, approximately 3.9 million unsafe abortions among girls aged 15–19 happen each year, contributing to maternal death, morbidity, and long-term health issues.

  • Social Rejection and Stigma
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This is such a common problem in certain countries, especially conservative practising countries. Teenage girls especially would be treated as a disgrace by people around them and even by their own family members. This is such a sad truth and unfortunately is still happening today. Typically, girls under the age of 18 who become pregnant are more likely to face violence in their marriage or cohabitation. It is true that there are initiatives being offered to these girls in order to help them to return to school. However, the status of being a mother, it might damage their future education and career opportunities. 

  • Impact on Family and Relationship
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When a teen becomes pregnant, the entire family is affected, which causes stress and strains family connections. Of course, the parents would be ashamed of their daughter and this would taint their relationship and at the same time would cause them to be in a dilemma. The first thing that would come to everyone’s mind is whether to continue with the pregnancy or not. This would leave an impact on the child’s mother and it might cause both of them to develop health issues. The mother would most likely develop mental health problems such as depression if this situation continues. At the same time, the child she is carrying might suffer from a medical condition such as respiratory dysfunction. 

So, can we stop teenage pregnancy? It might sound difficult to some of us. However, it is doable. Although there have been numerous initiatives made in order to prevent this from happening, it still continues up until today. Therefore, it is we who are responsible for helping our girls from having to face the consequences mentioned in this post. We should help those who are unable to fight for themselves due to permanent obstacles in order to secure a better future for them.

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