Primary Dialogue Programmes Of the 2007 Forum

While the Universal Forum of Cultures Monterrey 2007 being a globally known community event that aims to have reunion among the society from different regions of cultures, languages, intercultural dialogues and to advertise the nation’s community empowerment. Being a worldwide occasion that happens every 4 years, this event happened in Monterrey, Mexico. This event has 4 main programs and activities such as dialogues, exhibitions, cultural expressions, and special projects. The dialogues happened in convocation, recitation, congression, workshop forms of activities. The Forum Dialogues is separated and divided into an 8 weeks program, with up to 350 nationwide speakers and professionals. The dialogues were all focused on one main genre that collected from different viewpoints and understanding. Basically, there were in total 12 genres of concept that were managed and planned throughout the 8 weeks course of events.

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The first week was about peace which is defined in a constructive view, in which the social status is stable and sustained, and spirituality, in regards to the philosophical ideology or educated lesson that consist in with together the content that has been utilized. Took place from September 25 up to September 29. This dialogue was all about the search and study of others, the initiate surrounding, and the variance as a basic to get harmony and peace in everyday lifestyle among the society, family, and friends.

In week 2 was all regards education, stands for the social lesson that enables and advert the gaining and collective skills, knowledge and growing personal benefits, science in which a constructive structure that manages and guides the knowledge via experimental hypothesis and theories of procedures that discovers and studies the natural, social and human, mainly gain by observation and experiment, and technology where the implementation of science to decode specific issues, in which it enables the formation and development of good services that infrastructure the adjustment to the surroundings and the satisfactory of important peoples needs. These three are the first main topics that are related to the concept of knowledge and lessons, this program happened from October 2 till October 6. It is sure a deep connection between the educational activities with the modern data and insights regarding technologies and digital development, which is something we have to observe and take into choice. The resemblance with these three topics as an instrument or device to attain integrity and maintainable growth will be the main priority of the overall studies of this dialogue.

In week 3, it was about the cities that are populated locations for people to settle down with political, economical, and religious, and cultural dynamics and purpose. Environmental elements will occur from October 9 up to October 13, the dialogue targeted the problems that generate a potentially rich and secure connection among the urban environment, and the people who obstruct them are prioritized, within nature and the growth. Week 4 is about the growth of knowledge, which occurred around October 16 up to October 20. They spoke about the knowledge that develops peace with the necessity of the community that is produced by, is a determining and conclusive element in the creation and growth of the economy and in the future community lifestyle. On the topic of this matter, while the Forum event is ongoing, the most valued national experience will be analyzed and discussed to discover valuable education for the culture and religion, the potential implication in Monterrey.

During week 5 which occurred on October 23 till October 27, the program was regarding the culture of health and the value in which prosperity or welfare can be demonstrated in a target state. This program is about gaining the lesson on maintaining and stabilizing life that is expected to be beneficial in regards to medical discovery and traditional procedures that target the study for physical, psychological, spiritual, and mental health is crucial. Week 6 is all about the governance and the involvement which is a set of participation among the citizens that are not straightforwardly connected in politics, or the involvement that targets to transform the political procedure and the end results, especially in humanity and the human rights which is a device or too; that is summoned to enable the individual to satisfy themselves, it also provides freedom and claims that are relevant to main values that consist in each individual. This event took place from October 30 to November 3. This dialogue is based on the governance and expenditure regards to the beliefs and admiration for human rights and to produce culture and society that will advertise the changes of social regions and engagement in the nationwide structure.

Week 7 was to discover our cultural identity, which is insights, typical symbols, traditions, and beliefs that influence behaviour that operates as a main factor in the community, and about the variance, in the cultural terms, this programme was held on November 6 to November 10. This study was to discover the insights of the situation among the community via people and the cultural indifferences, together to review as many of the modern contradictions and conflicts that identify within the surrounding spaces and in ourselves. In the final week, which is week 8 is from November 13 to November 17, the topic of the event was based on communication, which is the exploitation of trading insights among two or more members able to transfer and gain data or distinctive perspectives. The viewpoint of social actuality via the media. Utilizing media as a tool of growth and proxy of transformation to decrease the cultural and challenging space that expands in the structure nationwide, new beliefs and languages will be a problem to be expected in this field.

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