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Mother Care Essentials That Will Help Mother In Mexico

With a total population of 108.7, poverty has seized most parts of Mexico and according to government studies and figures, Mexico’s poverty rate increased to about 44% at the end of last year, 2020. It can be seen as an economic downturn. The brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in deep budget cuts, business closures, and more affected matters. If you look back at the end of 2018, 3.8 million more Mexicans slipped below the official poverty threshold in 2020, that is after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office on a promise to address the needs of the poor which sadly brings the total to nearly 56 million.

With the high rate of unemployment and the surge of violent gangs on the street and drug-related territory fights, it is certainly not a welcoming place for children’s development. It is heartbreaking to see hundreds of thousands of abandoned youngsters wander the streets alone without any guide nor motivation. It is estimated that there are up to two million orphaned or abandoned Mexican children now and despite the fact that foster care is increasing in popularity in Mexico, orphanages still have a significant market share. As for now, over 30,000 children are housed in over 700 orphanages in Mexico. Some of them are public and some are private institutes and about 400,000 Mexican children are projected to be without parents, with 100,000 of them being homeless. These are happening sadly due to Mexico’s lack of monitoring and accountability for orphanages which also brings cases like abuse in orphanages and more.

mother care Malaysia

According to the Mexican government, approximately 33% of the population lives in “moderate poverty,”, The remaining 9% lives in “severe poverty.”, so that indicates that almost 40% of the population is poor. The numbers are just rising day by day and now, around 34 million Mexicans live in buildings made of substandard construction materials like cardboard and reeds, sleeping more than two to a room. It’s worth mentioning that Mexico has a population of over 126 million people, which is nearly four times that of Canada.

Some of them got lucky to be adopted by families through so many organizations like Hague Adoption Convention or Convention and more but there surely be some strict requirements evaluating the matters like income, marital status, travel availability, and so on. Estimated that adoptions from Mexico cost on average between $20,000 and $25,000. however, The cost is not a fixed number and it would be ideal to discuss them with the related adoption agency early on in the process when researching various adoption service providers. 

The concern is heavily focused on the abundant infants, the newborns. With a lack of resources and healthy environments, these children need help. Some of the mothers are also struggling with poverty and their way of life. 

Here at Pigeon Malaysia, they are known for providing the best of mother care Malaysia essentials. These essentials are very much high in quality and easy to use. Looking at the economical perspective of Mexico, Pigeon Malaysia would be more than able to help to provide mother and baby care for the mothers who are in need. Some of the best essentials for mother care by Pigeon Malaysia are like:

-Breast Pads Comfy Feel

Able to prevent nipple abrasion, makes them ideal for breastfeeding mothers with sensitive nipples. With Aloe Vera extracts, the pads provide all-day comfort, softness, and moisture to the skin, suitable for everyday use.

mother care Malaysia

-Nipple Care Cream

It has the best in smell, texture, and ingredients and is made as a silky gel-like balm. With pure lanolin oil that slides on softly on the nipples without leaving a grease trail, this nipple care cream moisturizes, cures, and protects dry, damaged skin on the body.

mother care Malaysia

-Natural Fit-Silicon Nipple Shield

This ultra-soft silicone shelf covers sore breasts and allows you to continue breastfeeding with minimal pain. It includes a carrying case for keeping the product, with a variety of sizes suiting your needs. Holes in the tip enable controlled milk flow into the baby’s mouth. That also allows air circulation to ease cracked or bleeding nipples.

mother care Malaysia


From flexible slim-neck bottles, brushes to bottle caps and bottles with long silicone nipples, Pigeon Malaysia has everything stored. Their slim-neck bottles are a new addition with a distinctive streamlining shape that makes them simple to grip and clean. Composed of superior crystal transparent material, it will assist your baby’s natural tongue movement while sipping milk.

mother care Malaysia

For their long silicone nipples bottles, it suits perfectly for newborns who have a cleft lip or palate. This helps with the early stages of the recovery, as well as infants who have micrognathia and the tip is soft and can be chopped to fit the amount of milk consumed.

mother care Malaysia

Mexico is a country that is rich in history and culture like the Universal Forum of Cultures and more. With that is happening now, our help and movement as one unity can help them escape these broad dark days.

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