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Mental Health Problems Among Young Adults In Mexico

Let’s talk about the real issue that happens in society around the world, not excluding Mexico. The issue seems taboo and would not be discussed openly, and sensitive. Yes, we are going to write about mental health problems among young adults in Mexico. According to the International Journal of Mental Health Systems (2021), access to mental health care is a challenge in every country’s healthcare sector. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the treatment gap has been marked. It is estimated that the percentage of people who suffer from an illness or a disorder that does not get the necessary treatment is alarmingly high. 

In Mexico, 87.4% of people with mild mental disorders, meanwhile 77.9% of people are diagnosed with moderate disorders, whereas 76.2% of Mexicans experience severe mental disorders – do not seek clinical treatment. It is really a high percentage, and it comes to our attention to discover and understand the perception of Mexican society towards the mental health care and mental health problems that occur among young adults in Mexico.  

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Mental Health Problems In Mexico

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In order to evaluate the epidemiological profile of mental diseases in Mexico, an in-depth interview was conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) back in 2002. The outcome of the interview pointed out that 1 out of every 8 Mexican people suffered a depressive disorder, and about half of the population had gone through a depressive episode within the past year. 

The deficiencies in getting access to mental health care in this country are essentially due to the lack of services and inequity in the distribution of community and outpatient mental health resources within Mexico. Regarding the number of specialized human resources, in Mexico, the rate of psychiatrists is 3.71 and 2.23 psychiatric nurses per 100,000 inhabitants, while the recommended rate of psychiatrists is 5.0 per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, the distribution of specialized mental health personnel is uneven throughout the country, with a higher concentration in large cities and very few or almost none in rural areas and marginal states of the country.

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Other than that, the need to put ourselves in Mexican society’s shoes is essential to understand the reasons for the escalation of mental health problems in Mexico. One of the biggest and universal barriers that patients need to bear with when trying to seek professional treatment is the social stigma and discrimination. Mexicans who spot the symptoms of mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety in themselves, often develop negative inner voices that criticise their own self and the untangled pain that they feel most of the time. In front of the mirror, they see themselves as weak souls, but in fact, they are not weak. The support from close family, and social circle and the acceptance of society on mental disorders and professional mental health care is the thing that helps to strengthen themselves from the inside in order to combat mental health. However, the stigmatisation towards the mental disorder patients even not only comes from the biggest society but also from the people who are closest and the warm relationship they have.  Being labelled as crazy, dangerous, lazy, and incompetent are some examples of the mental illness stigma that they often face. Somehow we see that it is important for Malaysians to take the lesson and improve the initiatives to stop the social stigma about mental health illness and at the same time, take the initiative to live a balanced lifestyle and buy comprehensive protection plan for young adults Malaysia . Having an insurance as one of the financial backup plan does relieve our mind.

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Other key contributors to the rising and untreated mental health problems in Mexico, comorbidity of mental disorders, non-communicable diseases, as well as the presence of other mental disorders (dual pathology) and poverty as some do not have sufficient financial resources to take transportation to the nearest health centre. 

The Level Of Acceptance In Mexican Society Regarding Mental Health Problems 

The level of acceptance in Mexican society regarding mental health problems is unfortunately heartbreaking and disappointing. Many Hispanics and Latino Americans are skeptical of seeking out therapy and people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses. In addition, many older generations are reluctant to talk openly about mental health problems, unaware of the real illness that some bear, so adding the severity of mental health that burdens the patients. 

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There is a significant taboo about therapy, so when someone performs it, they prefer to keep it a secret. The terms “therapy,” “psychologist,” and “psychiatrist” are stigmatized. It is a common misperception that going to a mental health expert indicates that a person is insane or has serious mental health issues. As a result, the concept of obtaining mental health treatment and assistance is either non-existent or persistently delayed. Furthermore, it is taboo to consider taking a child to counseling. 


Mental health problems in Mexican society are clearly at the stake. The government and non-government organizations shall be more thriving to spread awareness and knowledge about mental health disorders, the categories of words and actions that fall into mental health stigmatization. Besides that, people should be guided properly to get professional treatment and not be embarrassed to talk about things that hurt them.

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