Guests at the Universal Forum of Cultures Monterrey 2007

The Universal Forum of Cultures Monterrey 2007 was a universal community occasion that took put within the city of Monterrey, Mexico, beginning in September and finishing in December of the mentioned year. The Forum, because it is commonly alluded to, could be a worldwide occasion which occurs each 4 years, in a distinctive city each time, and looks for to rejoin citizens from a changed run of societies, dialects, religions to cultivate inter-cultural exchange and to advance worldwide gracious society strengthening. 

This event consists of many events and programmes, like theatre, dance performances, street performances, traditional cuisines, music, film festivals, circus shows, literature workshops and even special projects that contain many kinds of performers and guests that are famous and talented, throughout the world.

Goran Bregovic, a Bosinian Serb guitarist, composer and music producer, and globally known for his work of soundtracks in few famous films, specifically those films directed by Emir Kusturica, and he is also the most famous musicians in the Balkan territory. He known for the merging production of traditional folklore with touch of rock, Salvic rhythms, Ottomans and Byzantines, ethnic fusion, Balkan music gypsy metals, klezmer Jewish, Rembetiko Greek, Cocek Macedonian, kapla Croatian, sevdalinka Bosnian, Starogradska Yugoslavian, Serbo-Croatian tamburitza , Serbian kola , pop-folk and turbo-folk , among others. Motherless, he has worked alongside many famous artists such as Iggy Pop, Scott Walker, Cesaria Evora, Saban Bajramovic, Gypsy Kings, Eugene  Hutz, Florin Salam, Stephan  Eicher and Bebe and these are just a few among the list.

The Great Silence was also involve in this list of guests, El Gran Selencio a Spanish rock band that are originally from Monterrey , Mexico that combine all sorts of rock, reggae, dancehall and hip-hop with traditional Latin American music like cumbia, vallenato and norteno. His verses tend to be bohemian and with consistent notices of “neighborhood” life in neighborhoods of his cherished Monterrey. They have recorded seven collections so far, eleven singles, six soundtracks, five tributes, and seventeen collaborations.

The next on this list are Bebel Gilberto also known as Isabel Gilberto de Oliveira, a composer and transplater of Brazilian music. Her start on her career is ever since she was young, and with the connection of her being the daughter of Joao Gilberto and singer Miucha. She began by partaking in the school choir in record and musical performances such as Os Saltimbancos and Pirlimpimpim. 

Jaguares is a rock band in Spanish but they are mexicans.It was established after the move from Caifanes due to contrasts between Saúl Hernández and Alejandro Marcovich . Rather than beginning a solo career, Hernández chose to make another melodic gathering. For legitimate reasons it was outlandish to reuse the title “Caifanes” within the unused extent, so “Jaguares” was chosen instep. In any case, the copyright of a few pieces by Caifanes remained in Jaguares so the collection of this third band commonly incorporates tunes from the past.

Kinky, a band that is natively from the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. His work is basically a combination of genres such as rock, samba, funk, dance, techno, electro and a major inspiration of the Hispanic rhythms in each song. He utilizes the spanish language in his lyrics even in the English songs. This is because of being in the Outpost regia movements. Kinky got more fame with all of his songs that has been utilized in televisions advertisements and movies such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Nissan Altima, Sin ton ni Sonia, Scooby Doo, Alias, Thirteen, Felicity, Motorola, Fox Sports, Honda, Little Big Planet, Gossip Girl, FIFA 2006,  Man on Fire and many more.Kinky produce their to begin with two collections beneath the Sonic 360 name for the United States, with Sony & BMG Music for Latin America and beneath Warner Music for Europe after being established by producer Chris Allison ( The Beta Band, Coldplay )in 1999, within the city of Monterey with a fair demo of their melodies recorded on a little cassette, which they at that point marked their contract with the British name Sonic 360. 

Eugenia Leon, Maria del Rosario Leon Vega a Mexican artist. In 1985 he won to begin with put at the OTI Celebration in Seville, Spain with the melody “El Fandango Aqui” by Marcial Alejandro.She has been give Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, 2 has an vital 45-year history and 30 recorded collections, of which a few million duplicates have been sold.He has conducted concerts with great success within the most critical settings within the nation such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the National Theater, the Sala Nezahualcóyotl, the City Theater, and the Cervantino Celebration, among other theaters and celebrations.

Nortec Collective was also included in the guest list, they are an electronic and nortech music group that was established in 1999 from the city of Tijuana, Baja California. They made from Bostich, Clorofila, Hiperboreal, Panoptica and Fussible, Nortecand plus to gaining the title of a type of modern sound, is primary a music cumulative designs in the city of Tijuana in Mexico, that visions is the realization of merges electronic music along with nartena and a band from Sinaloa and tambora. Each artist produces LP with the image of the Nortec Collective and beneath the record label Mil Records.

The Witch Eyes, Ojos de Brujo is a band that came together in Barcelona, Spain in 1996. It is categorized by the bonding of styles, trying to reach the engaging point with flamenco and other musical genres such as hip hop, Latin music ock and more other genres of electronic music. Fito Paez, is an Argentine singer, songwriter, musician and film director Argentine. He is a member of the rosarina trova, and he is named as the Argentine rock troubadour and some of the main crucial exponents of rock in that country.With more than 30 years of solo career, his melodic work is made up of 23 studio collections, 1 maxi-single , 4 live collections, 3 DVDs , 12 compilation collections and various collaborations with conspicuous universal specialists.

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