Forum 2007 Cultural Expression Programmes

The 2007 Monterrey Forum gave the members the chance to encounter a huge array of Cultural Expressions from all landmasses of the world. More than 1,000 single occasions extending from 189 companies from more than 75 nations, were displayed amid the 80 days of the occasion. A limited-time video for the Cultural Expressions offer can be seen within the taking after interface. There are several relevant and related performers that were part take in cultural expression activities.

The cultural expression activities and were conducted are such as theatre, Fulanos, from South America, Tonelda de Luz from Mexico, Las Niñas de la Guerra also from Mexico and The Hungry Caterpillar from Canada. The Street Performances, The Carpetbag Brigade which is where they utilize the acrobatic stilts, dance, theater and compositions of Cabeza de Vaca and Italo Calvino; Carpetbag Brigade and Pura Vibra investigated the pressure between people, between a team and another, between north and south, and between Mexico and the U.S. The appearance made in one month particularly for the Celebration Internacional de Santa Lucia, spotlighted the gymnastic craftsmanship of the stilt strategy common in both teams. 

Générik Vapeur, a  road theater company made in 1984. Based in Marseille, it participates in major road craftsmanship festivals. It is a huge company within the development of road expressions in France within the 1980s. Circus Baobab, Guinea, a coastal nation in West Africa, initially known as French Guinea, the contemporary nation is recognized as Guinea Conakry to stand out from other countries with the name of Guinea. Daniela Mercury, a Brazilian singer, songwriter, composer, dancer, actress, television host, and producer. Mercury has sold alone beyond 20 million records worldwide and has up to 24 Top 10 solo songs in the country, throughout her career. Fito Paez, who is from South America, is a famous rock and roll pianist, songwriter, and film director.

Goran Bregovic, an artist of Croation and Serbian descent, and a Bosnian recording artist. He is an internationally and globally known contemporary musician and composer of the Slavic-speaking nations in Balkan and the very few selected former Yogoslav musicians. Gilberto Santa Rosa, is a Puerto Rican bandleader and salsa and bolero singer, he has won Grammy Award Winner six times and has sold over 3 millions records in the United States and Puerto Rico. Drms of Yamato, a Japanese musical team of taiko drummers established in the year 1993. By Masa Ogawa, and Mariza from Portugal and along with others.

In the dance performances, there were National Ballet Branco Krsmanovic, Cranco Krsmanovic was a progressive, a member of the Spanish Civil War and the People’s Liberation Struggle, and a national legend of Yugoslavia. Munequitos de Matanzas from Cuban, this group was founded in 1952 as Conjunto Guaguanco Matancero and conducted their first LP in 1956 via Puchito.

Supporters of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro hold flags and shout slogans during a demonstration to celebrate Bolsonaro’s birthday and against new measures to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil March 21, 2021. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

In the traditional Cuisine programmes, professional chefs from many nations will be demonstrating the wealthiest culinary tradition and culture of the world with live shows and by tasting the traditional dishes. 

Alongside the music, Forum event delivered huge concerts with performers from all over the world, from the world renowned DJs to Symphonic Orchestra. Those musical events that took part in 2007 Forum are Tim Sweeney, an American radio host, DJ and producer that is famous for his show in WNYU-FM. DJ Ibojima from Sweden and DJ Tsuyoshi from Japan. 

Plastilina Mosh is a Mexican electronic and alternative rock band that was established back in 1997 and a segment of a musical movement  called Avanzada Regia. Inspector , Humbolia and Kinky which is a Mexican rock band founded in 1988 as a segment Avanzada Regia musical movement that contain Gilberto Cerezo, Ulises Lozanno, Carlos Chairez, Omar Gongora and Cesar Pliego, Jaguares, which is also a Mexican alternative rock band that was established by the previous Caifanes lead singer Saul Hernandez, ex-Caifan Alfonso Andre and two old time friends Federico Fong, El Gran Silencio a rock espanic band from Monterrey that merges all kinds of rock, dancehall, hip-hop genre of influences with traditional Latin American musical  and lastly Jose Manuel Aguilera, and Lila Down, a Mexican singer-songwriter and actress, and she an performer that compose her own works and works of others in all kinds of genre including Mexican traditional and modern musics which is all from Mexico.

In the music performances, there was Bbel Gilberto, who is Isabel Gilberto de Oliveira, a Brazillian- American singer who most of the time relates with bossa nova. Daara J a Senegalese rap duet that contains N’Dongo D and Fradda Freddy. Koffi Zinsou and the Drums of Togo, Stockbridge Pipe Band from Scotland and Music Masters of Armenia and along with others. In the Film Festival, the Forum involved many Film Festivals, and some of which included the Regiomontano Film Festival, The Latino Film Festival, The Immigration Film Festival and The Documentary Film Festival. 

Circus Shows: the conventional and ever-changing craftsmanship of Circus acts were displayed for all the members of the 2007 Forum with acts extending from conventional circus acts to present-day, cutting-edge exposures. Entertainers included such as Circus Oz (Australia), Cirque Eloize (Canada), and Circo Atayde Hermanos (Mexico). Workshops: Forum highlighted huge workshops for all guests with exercises and classes extending from lavish African adornments and percussions, to hip-hip, capoeira, paunch moving, flamenco, and numerous more.

The 2007 Monterrey Forum included an arrangement of amazing occasions and spaces for social cooperation, which took place amid the course of the 80-day occasion. These were planned to cultivate communal gathering and free discourse, additionally to supply and get to the region for individuals of the community to take an interest straightforwardly with the Forum. Special events such as opening and closing ceremonies, signature shows, the peace camps, civil society plaze, the Municipalities Plaza, school tours, and Forum University and International Student Forum 2007.

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