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Cultural Events And Historic Building In Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country that is filled with culture, music, food, and history. When visiting Mexico, you want to make sure that you are truly indulging in their culture. After all, that is truly the only way for you to enjoy your time in any new country you are visiting.  

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Mexico is one of the oldest countries in the world, and that is why there are plenty of cultural events that are being held there. Some of the cultural events have been held for centuries from generation to generation and some cultural events have been mixed with other regions and continental of the world. 

Here are some of the cultural events in Mexico, that you can participate in when visiting Mexico. 

Day Of The Dead 

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Mexico is one of the countries that honor their dead ones. This cultural event has been held for centuries and it is an event where every Mexican has to participate. This event will be held on for 2 days straight which is on 1 and 2 November for every year. On this day, you can see that all of the streets and houses in Mexico are filled with colors. This is one of the ways for them to be honoring and celebrating their loved ones that have passed away. In their culture, they believe that on this day the people that have passed away are being reunited with them. They will be celebrating this event by visiting their graves, clean them up, and also preparing their loved one’s favorite dishes. 

The Papantla Flyers 

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When visiting Mexico, you should definitely travel around to see this cultural ritual event. Unlike the other ritual dances that have been wiped out throughout the year, this ritual dance survives that and is still being held every single year. You can mostly see this ritual event being held in the center of Mexico which is Veracruz, Hidalgo, and Puebla.  The history of this event was that it is being held on as a ritual to pray and ask for rain from the deity. Throughout times, this cultural event has been a part of Mexico culture and you can experience this by visiting the Chapultepec in Mexico that is located right in front of the National Museum of Anthropology  

Independence Day 

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If you want to experience huge parties that are filled with music, parades, and food. This is the event that you need to participate in when visiting Mexico. On 15 September of every year, all Mexicans will fill the streets with music, parade, brass band, and mariachi performances to celebrate the day of the Independence of their beloved country. The main place where this event will be held is at the Palacio Nacional which is the historic quarter of Mexico City, it is also considered one of the most beautiful and historical buildings in this country.

Guelaguetza Dance Festival

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This event is being held in southern Mexico which is the city of Oaxaca, Guelaguetza, this is one of the biggest cultural events that is being held in this region. On this day, they will wear their traditional colorful clothes and dance around the streets. After that, they will distribute gifts such as candy, tamales, and other local goods to the people on the street. If you are visiting Mexico and you truly want to indulge in their culture, this is definitely the event that you need to see. This event will be taking place on 2 Mondays following 16 of July every single year. 

Carnival Of Veracruz 

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Speaking of carnival, the Mexicans are known to have the best carnival ever. This is one of the most highly anticipated carnivals every single year. This carnival will be held on for seven straight days from 19-25 February every single year. During the festive event, the street of Veracruz will be filled with colorful dresses, music, and parades. This carnival is about the celebration of joy, happiness, passion, and costumes that portray the culture, music, and traditions of the ‘Jorochos’ who are the residents of Veracruz.

Other than their cultural events, the building architecture in Mexico is also one of the finest things about this beautiful country. Even their building has its own history and reasons why it was built that way. Our country Malaysia can also achieve that beautiful and majestic architecture due to all of the technology and also the ability for us to buy building materials online Malaysia

Palacio Nacional 

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This is one of the most historical buildings in Mexico and that is because every year the people of Mexicans will be celebrating their Independence Day, here at this historical building. This is because throughout centuries the current president of Mexico will do a tradition called grito on the day of Independence. 

Catedral Metropolitana

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When visiting Mexico, this is the main tourist attraction that you need to visit. This is one of the oldest and largest iconic landmarks for Mexican and Latin America. The architecture of this building was inspired by the Spanish Gothic and the duration to built this beautiful magnificent building took about 3 centuries. 

This country is definitely a beautiful country is full of beautiful cultures and traditions. . Even the people there will be welcoming tourists with open arms, 

In conclusion, when you are visiting Mexico you should definitely get yourself involved with every cultural event that you can. All of these events have their own unique history and reasons, and you will be captivated once you’ve known that all of these cultural events have their own beautiful background stories. There’s no doubt that you will have the best experience and you will definitely enjoy your time in Mexico a country full of love. 

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