5 Best Places to Live in Mexico

Mexico has recently been popular among ex-pats and international travellers who are seeking a welcoming and warm place to call home. Although some individuals may have avoided Mexico due to security factors in the past, there are still some relatively safe sections of the country with substantial ex-pat groups in 2021. Apart from the pleasant environment and historic buildings, living expenditures are extremely affordable in comparison to  Europe and the United States. Furthermore, since Mexico is near to the United States, you will encounter a lot of American retirees and ex-pats. Other advantages of residing in Mexico are good transportation facilities, pleasant locals, healthy food, as well as consistent internet access at least in the big cities. If you’ve decided to relocate from Kapar or Puncak Jalil in Malaysia to Mexico, the following paragraphs will discuss some of the best areas to reside there which is also very safe.



Ensenada is among Mexico’s best cities.  Residents and visitors can revel in theatre, dining out, shopping, vibrant nightlife and ballet throughout this picturesque port city. Golf, scuba diving, tennis, sunbathing and swimming are all common recreational activities. Authentic Mexican dwellings to luxurious residential projects are among the housing alternatives accessible. Moreover, Ensenada is noted because of its sporting tournament hosting as well as its science research institute. Ensenada, notwithstanding its metropolitan air, is well regarded for grey whale sightings and a fantastic site, especially for outdoor enthusiasts.  The living cost in Ensenada is significantly lower compared to most American cities, thus, another factor that so many individuals find appealing. 



Cancun is recognised for its luxurious resorts, warm weather and magnificent beaches. Moreover, if you reside at this place,  you can get a feel of the major city while staying in a tiny town. It has outstanding shopping malls and restaurants comparable to those found in larger cities, but it retains a small-town vibe. Due to the enormous number of tourists, there will always be activities to do and someplace to visit. You may spend all your time at the beaches, lazing on a chair reading a nice novel, or snorkelling in Cancun. You may embark on a journey for jet ski jumping if you love the outdoors or view the historic sites of Chichen Itza. Everybody will find plenty of things to like in Cancun.


Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen was among the earliest areas to attract technological nomads, thus,  it has now become Mexico’s top city to reside in. Playa del Carmen’s turquoise oceans, unlimited coffee shops, pure-white beaches, turquoise oceans, laid-back lifestyle, and working spaces all contribute to this. Bunker, Cowork-in, and Nest are a few of the most prominent workspaces in the area. Playa del Carmen is a vibrant city with a thriving digital nomad community and a thriving diving industry. Although there is always vibrant nighttime, it pales in comparison to Cancun’s throngs. Besides that, Playa del Carmen is among the handful of Mexican places you can survive and live with only a few words of Spanish, thanks to the substantial ex-pat population. It is certainly one of the safest cities in Mexico You will not have any issue navigating about Playa del Carmen’s downtown area.


Tulum is a laid-back beach vacation town with a bohemian ambience. Many residents claim they also can sense the old Mayan foundations in this area, which goes all the way back over thousands of years. Tulum is located near the Caribbean Sea, has seen significant growth in order to meet the high supply of residences in this fascinating town. Furthermore, Tulum is a pleasant place to reside for individuals who cannot travel by vehicle because most folks get around by bicycle or foot. Its population is growing gradually and the ex-pat community is expanding due to the new residential projects in it. 


Merida, a Spanish historic city, is a lively city with a vast number of people that is suitable to individuals who have lived in cities before. On top of that, it is often recognised as being one of Mexico’s safest cities, with low property and violent crime rates. The region is famous for its culinary, distinct from that of the rest of Mexico. This area has a sizable ex-pat population.

Lastly, is it safe to reside in Mexico? Yes, to put it succinctly. Despite the significant crime rate, it is limited to specific areas of cities. Foreigners and expatriates residing in Mexico can enjoy a good standard of living while remaining safe inside the city. You should take the same measures you would do in any other large city. To communicate well with the citizens, it is recommended that you study the mother tongue. Take a moment to look into safer neighbourhoods and speak with individuals who have resided in the area for a long time.

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